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In the UK we have pretty fair weather most of the year. The cold weather and dark nights are slowly creeping toward us. Boiler servicing is the best way to ensure that your boiler stays in working order. Just like a car, boilers have working parts that need looking after.

If you’re not sure when your boiler last had its service, go and check it’s stickers. Engineers will always mark the last date of service and who it was by. You should service your boiler at least once a year. If yours is due. Contact us today!

Even if you’ve had your service, take these steps to make sure your boiler is ready in time for winter:

Test your boiler in Autumn

Most of us have already switched on our boilers or are thinking about doing so soon. If you’ve had it off over the summer, it may have developed a fault while it’s been off.

Testing your boiler early will mean that you can book in with an engineer before they get booked up.

Bleed your Radiators

Radiators need bleeding on occasion. This is to remove any air that has gathered inside. It’s normal for air to get trapped inside your heating system, especially with older ones.

As air rises within your radiators, the air gathers at the top. This will make your radiators cooler than they would be without these air pockets. This issue is very common if you don’t turn your heating on at all during spring or summer.

Pipe insulation

When the weather drops below freezing, water will freeze and expand. This expansion can break your pipes. To stop this from happening you can insulate your pipes very easily.

Insulating your pipes will help to keep the flow of water running. It will also minimise any heat loss. Pipe insulation will not only do these things but it will help to reduce the risk of boiler breakdowns and your energy bills. It’s a no brainer!

Boiler Faults Essex – If you need help with any of the above, our team of friendly engineers are on hand. Contact us today.