When our plumbing system works properly, we don’t even think about it. As soon as it stops working we go into panic mode. The plumbing system is one of the conveniences we take for granted. From cooking to watering the lawn, from drinking clean water to bathing, we use plumbing systems without even realising it. When this luxury is taken away from us, that is the time we realise how important plumbing systems are and the difference that Plumbers are making in our lives. We all can agree, plumbing isn’t a dream job but Plumbers are important people in our daily lives. 

Whether it’s a small or big plumbing issue, no problem is easy to fix if you don’t have the technical knowledge. Homeowners often try to fix plumbing problems on their own and end up with a much bigger problem. So if you are experiencing issues, it’s a good idea to get them fixed by a professional Plumber as soon as possible.

Jones and Brotherton are plumbing and heating contractors based in Colchester, Essex. We specialise in many different domestic services that includes boiler servicing, boiler installation, kitchen fittings and bathroom fittings.

There is a lot, people don’t know about these pipe magicians and this is why we decided to write about us. Here are some of the things Plumbers want you to know about them;

A Plumber’s job can be dangerous

We might not be fighting crimes in the streets like superheroes but our job can still be dangerous at times. When water pipes or gas pipes get overloaded, Plumbers are the ones who have to fix it. There is a lot of uncertainty involved when it comes to pipes filled with high-pressure gas or water and they can burst at any time whilst Plumbers are fixing them. The full force of pressure can be dangerous to a Plumbers life.

This is why they have to go through a lot of safety training and health checks before starting a job.

Experience is key

It’s sad that so many people have had bad experiences with Plumbers, and it makes our job even more difficult when we have to take on the job afterwards. Owners often have a bad experience when they rush into choosing a plumbing company or Plumber that is inexperienced. It’s always a good idea to hire a Plumber that has plenty of experience behind them. An experienced Plumber can do the job much better and quicker. Our team is fully trained, qualified and we provide gas safe registered engineers. 

We respond to emergencies as quickly as possible 

We always have a lot on our table but we make sure we respond to emergency calls as soon as possible. We understand plumbing emergencies can damage your house or ruin your perfect day which is why Jones & Brotherton Plumbing and Heating Contractors are available 24/7 any day of the year.

Unique work with new challenges every day

We face new problems every day and we have to come up with creative solutions to fix a problem. Sometimes we do things that we have never done before, to fix a problem and that is why experience is so important in a plumbing job. Every day we come to work and are expected to complete jobs that we have never done before. We love new challenges and maybe this is one of the reasons our staff love our jobs so much.

Plumbers work

A Plumber is the right man to call if the work is related to water or gas. Many people are not aware that Plumbers have a license to work with gas lines that connect to stoves, fireplaces, radiators or any other place that involves gas. In the situation of any gas leak, the first thing for homeowners to do is call their gas company provider and turn off the gas supply immediately. Then call Jones & Brotherton Plumbing and Heating Contractors on 01206 912007 to fix the problem. Our fully trained, Gas Safe engineers carry annual gas safety checks and maintain pipework, appliances and flues so you don’t have to go through this situation.

Plumbers do need help

Do you need a new central heating system? Before our Engineer arrives please make sure they have clear access to the central heating system. Make sure their path is clear to remove the old one and bring in the new one or you might be paying extra money per hour just to move your home around. 

Plumbers wish you stop doing things yourself

Watching a youtube video or reading an article about plumbing won’t make you an actual Plumber.  It’s a good thing to fix small problems by yourself but there are some problems that can’t be fixed without the help of a professional Plumbing Contractor. Homeowners can sometimes make the job worse and might end up paying more. Trying to fix a central heating system by yourself or leakage in a pipe can make it worse. You might break the pipe or damage your heating system while fixing it. You are also putting yourself in danger so it’s always a good option to call a professional Plumber and Heating Contractor and let them fix your plumbing problems before things get worse. 

Things Plumbers wish you knew

There is a lot to know but we will start with the basic things;

  • Know what to throw in the bin and what goes in the sink.
  • Know the right person for the job. Don’t end up with an inexperienced Plumber that can cause more problems. 
  • Don’t forget about boiler servicing.
  • Everything has a lifespan. Change your heating system before it fails.
  • We try our best to stay clean and leave the work site much cleaner than it was before the job.
  • Plumbers don’t like asking for extra money just because the job is unpleasant

When in doubt, contact Jones & Brotherton Plumbing and Heating Contractors, Essex

If you notice a boiler fault or plumbing issue and you are not sure what to do about it, contact Jones & Brotherton Plumbing and Heating Contractors. Homeowners often ignore small problems to save money, however in the long run it can cost you much more money or end up in a much bigger problem.

Homeowners are often at the mercy of local Plumbers and their expertise so it’s always handy to know people with a plumbing background. You never know when a plumbing emergency can happen so it’s always handy to keep our number saved in your phone or post it on your fridge. Call Jones and Brotherton Plumbing and Heating Contractors based in Colchester, Essex on 01206 912007 as soon as you run into a plumbing problem. We offer emergency services 24/7.