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Do I need to arrange for a Gas Safety Check if I’m a landlord?


Contact Jones and Brotherton for Landlord Gas Safety Certificates in Essex. All landlords are responsible for ensuring appliances are safe. Tenants may provide their own gas appliances. You are not responsible for the safety check on these appliances. Yet, you still may be responsible for checking the flues and pipework. It is a legal requirement to have an annual gas safety check for all gas appliances. You must provide your tenants with a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate as evidence. Once all appliances have passed inspection our Gas Safe Registered Engineer will provide this.

Only Gas Safe Registered Engineers may carry out any gas work. You can find an official list of businesses that are legally permitted to carry out gas work on the Gas Safe Register Website. You can find our profile here.

What is a Gas Safety Check?

There is often confusion between a gas safety check and a gas service. Gas Safe Registered Engineers MUST carry out a gas safety check. This is in place to inspect the safety of gas appliances. It includes boilers fires and cookers and ensure all are working correctly.

What does it involve?

Gas Safety checks look at the following points:

  • All appliances are operating at the correct operating pressure
  • There is an adequate air supply to the appliance
  • The appliance is burning gas correctly
  • Chimneys and flues are clear and enable the appliance to emit fumes and gases safely outside
  • The cut out devices and other safety devices on the appliance are working correctly.

Harmful gases such as Carbon Monoxide may escape into your home if you do not have your gas appliances inspected regularly.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates, Colchester, Essex

To book in for your Gas Safety Check and to receive your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate get in touch with Jones and Brotherton now!




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