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Boiler Servicing Essex – Do you need regular boiler repairs? Does it battle to heat your home? Or, does it make odd noises that keep you up at night? If any of these are the case then it generally means that you need a new boiler.

Boilers don’t last forever. If you’ve had yours for more than 10 years it’s worth thinking about replacing it.

Signs that you should replace your boiler

Strange noises coming from your boiler

As boilers get older, parts wear out. Just like a car, parts need replacing. This is often the more cost-effective route to take. But, it’s not always  as simple as that. If your boiler is making knocking sounds you can check out this blog we wrote showing some common issues. If it’s making other strange noises like hissing or popping then get in touch with one of our engineers. It’s best to investigate issues like this before deciding on whether to get a new one.

Boilers that need regular repairs

Getting your boiler serviced every year is very important. As mentioned before, boilers are very much like cars. Getting your boiler serviced by one of our Gas Safe registered engineers can bring to light potential issues. Issues can include parts that need replacing regularly. If you need regular repairs on your boiler, speak to us about getting a new one.

Your boiler is old, should you replace it?

Old boilers are much less efficient that newer models. So, if your boiler is over 10 years old you should definitely think about replacing it. Although boilers involve an upfront cost, they can save you money in the long run on your bills.

Your boiler is leaking

If your boiler is leaking you should call one of our engineers immediately. A leaking boiler can cause water damage in your home. Not only this, you could develop a carbon monoxide leak which is extremely dangerous.

Your water temperature isn’t steady

Does your water take a while to heat up? Does it run hot and cold while you’re running a bath? If so, the likelihood is that you need a new boiler.

What should I do if I need a replacement boiler?

Boiler Servicing Essex

If you think you might need an upgraded boiler then get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will be more than happy to investigate and advise on the best boiler for your home.